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The conditions for snail breeding

Suited for farming are especially two species from the Helix family.

Helix pomatia

The probably most tasty of its species is Helix pomatia. In

Germany it is known as Roman snail, in Italy it is called

Vignaiola bianca, and in France Escargot de Bourgogne. This

species is indigenous to Germany as well as to countries with

a similar climate. Farming is based on favourable conditions,

such as a sufficient amount of biomass, moisture, and other

favourable conditions of living. These are the prerequisites for

the successful breeding, processing and marketing of Roman








Helix aspersa

In Italy and in France farming concentrates almost exclusively

on snails of the Helix aspersa species. This species is indigenous

to these Mediterranean countries and has all the prerequisites for

farming in these countries.


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